7. The Spirit and the bride, the Lamb and his bride

As we have already seen, we have come to the right understanding of the image of God. We learned that ‘our’ image is not a sexual relationship of “male and female.” It is understood that it means the order of the angelic world, which is likened to “head and members.”

This order of “rule and serve” has been expanded in every creatures, It has been used in the Bible to mean “God and Angel,” “Christ and the Church,” “Men and Women,” “Husband and Wife,” and “Groom and Bride.”

Thus, if we compare the relationship between Christ and the church (saints) to a couple, Christ is the husband and the church (the saints) becomes the wife, which is what the Revelation said as the Spirit and the bride(Rev22:17) or the Lamb and his wife.(Rev19:7)

The parable of saints here as “wife” or “bride” does not mean a relationship between male and female. It means that saints are those who serve Christ as his members.