The word of God is divided into Old and New Testaments. In the age of Old Testament, the Israelites prayed by singing “Jehovah.” However, the church in the age of New Testament prays by calling on the name of Jesus. From the standpoint of God’s redemptive administration, the history of mankind since Adam is divided into the age of Old and New Testament.

Why did God divide the work of salvation into two ages? Is the grace of salvation that the Saints will receive different from that of Israelites? Then, what does the Old Testament mean to Christian? Is there any relationship between them? On the other hand, what does the New Testament mean for the Israelites? Why should we carry all 66 books of the Bible, including the Old Testament?

You may have had such a question at least once. But you would have given up asking questions without getting an answer. You are buried in the simple message that if you pray by calling on the name of Jesus, you will be blessed. You will be zealous for the vigil and dawn prayer, armed with such simple faith.

The Bible is the foundation of our faith and the source of all spiritual authority. Therefore, there must be a clear understanding of the very basic questions about the Bible. We should have the same enlightenment as the early church saints had about the Bible. When the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth spread throughout the Roman Empire, it was not simply only through the sacrifice and passion of the Saints, but also through the thorough understanding of the Bible. They had a clear answer and we can discover what their enlightenment was from the New Testament.

There were so many deep fluctuations in the church history of 2,000 years due to power struggle between church leaders. All of the apostles’ teachings were undermined. The enlightenment cherished by the saints of the Early Church disappeared without being conveyed. Jesus’ name remains today, but the power of the name for our salvation has not been properly conveyed.

We must discover the teachings of the apostles and the enlightenment of the early church saints in the Old and New Testament scriptures and revive all of them as ours today. We want to talk about the Old and New Testaments. It is true that there is a knot between the two, but they are connected togethet to carry out the great work of God’s salvation. I would say that the grace of salvation for the Israelites and the saints of the Early Church are not different.

The redemptive grace of God in the name of Jesus is given equally to the whole spirits that transcend time and space. Jesus Christ might be the Lord of both the dead and the living, and at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth. The Savior’s name is Jesus alone, and the redemptive grace of God in that name will be equal to the Israelites of Old Testament and the saints of the Early Church. When we come to realize the power of the new covenant effective to both of them equally, we will all give infinite gratitude to the righteousness of the Lord.