The Bible is the most read book of mankind. No matter what book appears in the future, it will not be sold and read more than the Bible.

People get a variety of knowledge from the Bible, including historical facts, lessons, literature, and law. But the most important subject of the Bible is the gospel of Christ Jesus which is about the salvation and eternal life.

It is a statistical fact that three out of ten people around us are Christians. How many Christians would have read the Bible at least once? However, despite reading and meditating on the same Bible, each faces different interpretations and different doctrines. In particular, various interpretations and claims about the salvation and eternal life of the soul confuse us.

What went wrong and where did it go from? Can’t we find a clear Bible teaching about salvation and eternal life? Then, what was the origin of the endless sacrifice and devotion of the Saints? We all have these questions, but live without finding the answer.

You go to church to worship, read the Bible, and pray. Why do you do that? Many Christians seem to think that if they go to church on Sundays, they will be saved. Is it true? Do you convince you can get the salvation as you become a member of a church? Where did your confidence come from?

In fact, many of us have no confidence in salvation. In many cases, there is no gratitude and satisfaction for the life of faith. So, through this booklet, we want to reveal the gospel of the New Covenant of Christ, which no denomination or theologian in the world speaks of.

It was said that the truth was not in the royal palace, but in the wilderness (Isaiah 40:3). Even in Jesus’ day, the truth was not preached through religious leaders, but through John the Baptist who cried out in the wilderness. There are many seminaries in this era, and there are scholars who study the Bible throughout their lives, but the truth of salvation will be revealed through the wilderness church.

How happy it would be if you could discover the clear truth for your salvation when you went out into the wilderness one day. May the Holy Spirit bless you who read this booklet.