6. False interpretation of Ahnsanghong about ‘Cloud’

Some churches argue that the Second Coming must done in flesh as an ordinary person. They claim that the Second Coming Jesus must do the last gospel work to restore the truth of the Early Church. It means that the Second Coming is a different event with the Last Advent. World Mission Society Church of God(WMSCOG) is one of the representative churches claiming the doctrine of the Second Coming. This church worships Ahn Sang-hong as the Second Coming Jesus in flesh and Jang Gil-ja as God the mother, based on the Second Coming Doctrine.

According to the book, “Mystery of God and the Fountain of the Water of Life” (by Sang-Hong Ahn), the doctrine of the Second Coming of the Flesh began with an incorrect interpretation of the prophecy of the coming Christ with the clouds. Ahn Sang-hong interpreted the son of man coming with the clouds of heaven of Daniel 7 as Jesus. Ahn Sang-hong interpreted the cloud as a body by quoting several passages from the New Testament while ignoring the clear interpretation in the latter part of Daniel 7.

The son of man in Daniel 7: 13-14, he argued, meant Jesus who came 2,000 years ago, because Jesus is the one who has authority, glory and sovereign power. However, just because Jesus has authority, glory and sovereign power, you should not conclude that it is the fulfillment of the prophecy of chapter 7. We have to know that Jesus is the one who has authority, glory and sovereign power no matter how he comes.

When reviewing the contents of the book, “Mystery of God and the Fountain of the Water of Life,” published by Ahn Sang-Hong, you can find out many errors. First, the prophecy that it would be the end of the world(chapter 1) in 1988 has been failed. Second, the prophecy that he would be ascended in 1988(chapter 36) was also a mistake. WMSCOG has published the book by removing the corresponding section from the original to hide the above mistakes.

The most serious mistake of the above book is actually the doctrine of the Second Coming of the flesh. In order to justify the wrong doctrine, Ahn Sang-hong presented some distorted doctrine for instance the prophecy of David Throne and Melchizedek. His intentional efforts in presenting the wrong doctrine are also glimpsed. How many are wandering far from the truth, falling into this wrong doctrine!

Many fathers of faith come to mind. Solomon received a lot of favor from God and earned his reputation as the king of unprecedented wisdom, but his later years ended in a lonely life through idolatry. David was also a biblical figure who played a vital role in fulfilling God’s prophecy, but he could not be forgiven for taking Potiphar’s wife.

Ahn Sang-hong will not be an exception. In 1953, he began to realize the Passover by the grace of the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, and founded ‘Church of God’ that restored the feast of the Lord. He fearfully and tremblingly humbled God’s mission to share the truth of the last salvation. But unfortunately, he accepted the doctrine of ‘God Who Comes in Flesh'(published by Uhm Soo-in, 1977). Subsequently, he was surrounded by a group following Jang Gil-ja and lost his original pure mind. It is a pity that he made a stepping stone for the emergence of a rare religious historical drama called Jang Gilja Church.