Ahn Sahnghong’s books

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B01 Letter to the Church in Laodicea (1960-Jan-5)

B02 Prepare the way for the second coming of Jesus (1964-Feb)

B03 The Coming of Holy Spirit like the spring rains (1965-Apr-15)

B04 An angel who put the seal of God (1966-Jan)

B05 Guests who come from the world of heaven (1967)

B06 Where does the human soul come from and where does it go (1967)

B07 Where does the human being come from and where does it go (1967)

B08 Food Regulation in the Bible (1977)

B09 Catechism of the Church of God (1972-Sep-15)

B10 New Covenant and Old Covenant (1973-Apr)

B11 Prophet Elijah and the Last church (1973-Oct)

B12 The Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil and the Gospel (1976-Apr)

B13 Commentary on the Trinity (1978-Feb)

B14 The Mystery of God (1978-Nov-25)

B15 Seven plagues and the seal of God (1979-Mar)

B16 Sermon Book 1 (1979-Jun)

B17 The Mystery of God and the Spring of the Water of Life (1980-Jul-18)

B18 Worship Ordinance Booklet (1980-Jul-18) English Ver. available

B19 Sermon Book 2 (1982-Jun)

B20 The Gospel of New Covenant (1982-Jul)

B21 Interpretation about the Bride and Veils (1983-Jul)

B22 Interpretation about the New Jerusalem, Bride and the Women’s veils (1983-Oct-15) English Ver. available

B23 The blood of the Passover Lamb that can escape the final plague is the seal of God. (1984-Feb)

B24 Original Ordinance of the Baptism “After my sins are buried, I am resurrected.” (1984-Dec)

B25 Truths revealed in the history of early church (1985-Feb)

B26 As the bridegroom is coming slowly, everyone becomes drowsy and falls asleep. (1985-Feb)